Yard of the Month

The Ladies of Roseleigh has a sub-committee that selects “Yard of the Month” and post a sign announcing this distinction on the award winner’s property. The award is given during various months of the year according to the following criteria.

  • April – effective display of Azaleas and/or Bulbs
  • May – overall landscape design
  • June – most effective use of trees and shrubs
  • July – most beautiful display of color
  • August – Most beautifully manicured lawn
  • September – most creative flower bed design
  • October – most attractive flower bed lighting
  • December – best display of holiday decorations

July 2012

Congratulations to Frand and Rada Hall of 7715 Red Hill Drive for being  awarded Yard of the Month for July 2012.

May - June 2012

Congratulations to Harold and Linda Denson of 7545 October Rose Drive for being  awarded Yard of the Month for May - June 2012.

April 2012

Congratulations to John and Anne Hambrick of 3125 Dee Ann Drive for being  awarded Yard of the Month for April 2012.